Why You Shouldn't Marry A Pornstar Who Loves Black Men
This gallery proves that being married to a porn star can be quite challenging. Especially when you are married to one who is so sexually active and horny is horny just about every second of every day. This is something that Mr. Marie finds out pretty quickly.

When his wife took him into a motel room in a predominately black neighborhood, he was a little suspicious. After all, he always knew that his wife loved black cock. However, he really became suspicious when she decided to dress in all kind of skimpy outfits and starts posing for the camera. He knew something was going on, he just couldn't put his finger on it.

And then it happened. The phone rang and he answered it before his wife could, and this is when he learned of her devious plan. On the other end of the receiver was a black guy who was calling to set up a sex date with Claudia. Needless to say, this really pushed him over the edge.

It is at this time he decided that the only way to keep a big Ebony cock out of his wife was to stick his big white dick into her. Which is what he did.